Continuing Education Policy and Code of Ethics

Continuing Education Policy

 CAPT Continuing Education Requirement Policies and Procedures
1. CEU requirement:
All certified and PTI members, including CPT and CPT-S, are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education each 1  year period following the certification year for Certified Members
and following the completion of the CAPT Foundation Play Therapy credits for PTI members.

2. Members may carry forward unused continuing education units for an additional two years from the date of the training.

To view CEU criteria and more details please see link on this page.

Code of Ethics

Part I – Preamble Code of Ethics
1) This Code of Ethics applies to all CAPT members, regardless of their membership status, in their pursuit of professional activities.

2) It should be emphasized that integrity, competence, confidentiality, responsibility and other applicable ethical standards are not always subject to finite descriptions that addresses every situation that may arise. Members of the CAPT, this encompasses all conduct and all aspects of their professional work, are expected to act according to general principles of ethical practice that may not be directly dealt with in the Code of Ethics. Instances where grievances are filed with the organization will therefore be investigated on the merits of each set of circumstances and will be evaluate both on the specific points of this document and on the basis of general principles of ethical
conduct. Furthermore, since ethical dilemmas frequently arise when there is conflict between two or more ethical precepts, it is necessary to evaluate such cases on the basis of interpretation of this Code in the context of each situation.

3) The Purpose of the CAPT Code of Ethics and its Ethics Committee is to provide and maintain ethical standards for professionals and to guide and protect members of the public seeking services in this field. The codification of these principles should not be viewed primarily as disciplinary in intent. The underlying objective is to enhance and advance the growth of play therapy in the highest professional form. CAPT members should not file or encourage the filing of ethics complaints that are frivolous and are intended to harm the respondent rather than to protect the public.

To view the complete Code of Ethics please see link on this page.