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Playground magazine is the official voice of The Canadian Association for Play Therapy (CAPTTM), helping the association promote the understanding and values of play therapy. Published bi-annually, Playground magazine is circulated among 2000 members and industry professionals.

The membership is comprised of industry experts including registered play therapists, psychotherapists, counselors, child psychologists, marriage and family therapists, government agencies, social work agencies, health groups, Health Canada, and affiliated associations in the U.S., including the American Play Therapy Association.

CAPT is the recognized expert among play therapy professionals and the leading force in promoting the importance of play therapy across Canada.

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Instructions to Authors


The purpose of our Playground professional publication produced by the Canadian Association for Play Therapy is to publish and disseminate clinical and professional articles, critical reviews, and other news and information to member mental health professionals and the general public. Our magazine is published twice a year.

Critical reviews of play therapy books and audio/video programs are included not to market a particular product but to help play therapists select those materials that increase their play therapy knowledge or practice.


Only articles crafted in APA style are considered. Ensure that your article complies with the format described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition. Carefully review and edit your article before submission. It is further reviewed and perhaps edited for clarity, stylistic, or spatial purposes without altering intent by the Clinical Editor. The decision of the latter is final.


An appropriate number of references should be included to support material presented in the article. Authors are encouraged to consider quality over quantity. The majority of references should be dated within the past seven years.


By submitting an article, you agree that, if accepted, the copyright for it is immediately assigned to the publisher, CAPT, which thereafter enjoys the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute it and strictly prohibit its reproduction, storage, or transmission in any form or by any means without its expressed permission in writing.


  1. Articles: Limit 2,000 words. Indicate its purpose and theoretical orientation.
  2. Submission: Email these items via email to by the applicable deadline indicated in the table below:
    • Attach article as a Word DOC.
    • Post your name, credentials, email address, telephone number, and editable 50- word biographical caption at the bottom of your article/review.
    • Attach your color high resolution photo as a JPEG with articles (do not crop or reduce, no shadows, huge smile).- Magazine Issues: bi yearly publication in October and March

      Author Submission to CAPT July 15 and January 15

  3. Review: If it satisfies the specifications, the Publisher will submit your article for confidential one- week turnaround reviews by two or more reviewers. Their edits will be forwarded to the Editor for additional review and editing. If accepted by the Editor, the final draft with consolidated edits will be returned to the Author for final revisions. In some instances, one or more reviewers may be assigned as an author mentor.
  4. Legal/Ethics: Except as cited in the content, CAPT assumes that your article/review is an original product created solely by you. If your article/review has been published elsewhere, include written permission for CAPT to publish it. You are solely and wholly responsible for all ethical and legal violations in this regard!
  5. Process: The Publisher will record and acknowledge receipt of your manuscript and assign it for review. If the Clinical Editor eventually deems it acceptable publication, you will receive a design draft for review. If not accepted, you will be advised of the reason. Accepted submissions may not necessarily appear in the next scheduled issue.


Updated August, 2020

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