Group supervision by CPT-S for RPT converting to CPT


  • Each CPT-S will offer one 2-hour supervision session to participants converting from RPT to CPT.
  • All supervision sessions will be offered in the period of Feb 1st – Nov 30, 2024.
  • Each participant can sign up to 5 sessions maximum to meet the requirement of 10 hours supervision from CPT-S, with no cost to participants.
  • Maximum number of each group is 12 participants.
  • The deadline to sign up is 30 days prior to the scheduled session. This is to ensure we have enough people to run it. If a very low number of registrations in a group occurs, CAPT may cancel this group and inform the registrants to move to another group.
  • The 10 supervision hours can be used for this special converting purpose only.

Irena Razanas
Special focus --Expressive play therapy: children and teens; anxiety, neurodiversity-February 2, 2024, 1-3 pm ET
Nicole Hotson
Special focus--Directive and non-directive play therapy,  sand tray, games, puppets, reflective practice, thematic and symbolic issues -- February 23, 2024, 1-3pm ET
Billie-Jo Bennett
Special focus--Child centered, trauma, attachment --March 1, 2024, 12- 2 ET
Lorri Yasenik
Special focus- Attachment trauma, high conflict separation and divorce--March 26, 2024, 2-4pm, MT
Betty Bedard-Bidwell
Special focus--Trauma, Art Therapy--April 15, 2024, 1-3pm, EST
Sharlene Weitzman
Special focus--Trauma & Play--May 3, 2024, 11-1 EST
Ken Gardner
Special focus--Integrative Play Therapy--May 31, 2024, 9-11am, MT
SESSION IS FULL - No further spots available.-Barb Aronchick-Zachernuk
SESSION IS FULL - No further spots available.- Special focus--Adult, Child, and Family Therapy--June 14, 2024, 1-3pm, PST