Play Therapy Week 2023

Canadian & International Play Therapy Week

February 5 - 11, 2023

Play Therapy is growing across the world and more clinicians are using the therapeutic powers of play in their schools, agencies, practices, and communities.

This year, CAPT has joined the International Consortium of Play Therapy Associations (IC-PTA) to help promote and celebrate Play Therapy across Canada with our very first International Play Therapy Week!

CAPT’s awareness efforts for Play Therapy Week will focus on:

  • Play Therapy education
  • Strengthening our community of aspiring and credentialed Play Therapists
  • Sharing the importance of the therapeutic powers of play
  • Promoting the quality of Play Therapy as a profession

Ways to celebrate International Play Therapy Week in Canada


Share this video explaining the benefits of Play Therapy with family, friends, and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media including your local media:


Take a picture of you promoting and celebrating Play Therapy Week and post to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #playisseriouswork.

You can also share this image with colleagues, friends, and family so that they can post their pictures too!


We will be hosting LIVE book draws on our Facebook Page:

View Book Draw Flyer


We are hosting member meet and greets as an opportunity to connect and share:

View Meet & Greet Invitation


Share a short video about a Play Therapy intervention or activity that is helpful for your clients OR a video clip that says how and why you work with children, youth, and families using Play Therapy techniques. Be sure to tag us @canadianplaytherapy so that we can share on our Facebook page!


Order the Canadian Play Therapy Brochure and bring them to locations across your community such as: schools, agencies, medical professionals, etc.:


Share this article that discusses what Play Therapy is and why it is important: 


Offer to present a workshop or virtual training on play therapy at your place of employment or within your community 


Order a Play Therapy Week shirt or buy one for a friend! And don’t forget to share this link across your social media:


Share CAPT’s NEW website with colleagues, friends, and members of the community

From Feb 5-11th, CAPT will be joining forces with other Play Therapy Associations from around the world.