Art Therapy in a Play Therapy Setting


Art Therapy is a therapeutic process that uses art as an intervention to effectively work with children, teens and adults to address numerous issues. Art Therapy is integral to play therapy theory and associated models. Art Therapy can be utilized with individuals, groups, couples or families within private practice, hospitals, schools, centres, outreach, outpatient, etc. This one-day course will provide an overview of art therapy and how to use art as a therapeutic play therapy tool with children.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Define Art Therapy;
  2. Understand the impact of symbol and metaphor on the brain.
  3. Identify when and how to use art techniques as an integral play therapy tool.
  4. Describe the art therapy process in relation to play therapy.
  5. Apply the use of the colour emotional chart for various age groups
  6. Expand repertoire of art techniques in play.
  7. Engage in experiential art activities that may be used in a play therapy setting with clients of all ages.