Group Therapy in a Play Therapy Setting


Group work can be challenging, but it also is extremely interesting and rewarding. Many issues have been found to be better treated through group play therapy than individually. This course will help participants strengthen their knowledge and skills in being able to run effective play therapy groups involving children and adolescents. Participants will learn how to make critical decisions when forming groups and to establish what their role should be to maximize effectiveness. Participants will also learn how to deal with conflict and utilize group issues as “learning moments”.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Articulate the key concepts/principles which support using group treatment
  2. Understanding how to set up a play therapy group to have the best outcome;
  3. Identify group phases and group play therapy interventions at each phase;
  4. Understand group roles and how to intervene therapeutically;
  5. Utilize techniques to deal with group conflict and other problems that occur;
  6. Identify specific play therapy activities/tools/games to use with groups and how to alter groups to fit specific populations.
  7. Be able to create games/activities which can be used with a group