Puppetry in a Play Therapy Setting


Puppets have been used for centuries to entertain and educate children and adults. In more recent times we have learned to use puppets to engage and heal children, youth and families through play therapy using puppets. This workshop will provide participants with the key skills and requirements to help puppets come alive and be powerful tools in setting and achieving treatment goals. Participants will be presented with a wide variety of ways to use puppets to meet a wide variety of treatment goals

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the 5 basic skills of bringing a puppet to life
  2. Increase skill in using puppets effectively
  3. Knowing how to use different types of puppets (hand, finger, glove, etc) effectively
  4. To be able to effectively use the concept of Triangulation to respond to a wide variety of issues/challenges
  5. Utilize puppets to deal with difficult issues such as stealing, resistance and lying
  6. Know how to respond to a client who expresses disinterest in puppets
  7. Know how to respond to a client who is afraid of a specific puppet
  8. Increase confidence in using puppets
  9. Know how to select puppets to be used by the therapist/counsellor and those used by clients
  10. Know how to use puppets with youth and adults/families