Using Sandtray in Play Therapy


Participants in this course will spend two days learning about the history, theory and practical aspects of sand tray therapy. Although some time will be spent exploring a variety of sand tray approaches, the primary model being used in this experiential workshop will be the Sand Tray World Play approach developed by Gisela Schubach DeDomenico. Participants will have opportunities to explore sand tray as a treatment modality from the perspective of the client, as observer and as therapist.
Through a combination of prepared readings, lecture, audio/visual materials and small group work participants will learn to:

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify the history and theory of sandtray
  2. Understand when and how to use sandtray
  3. Identify how to set up for sandtray work and what materials to have available 4) Gain familiarity with the Sandtray-Worldplay through practice sessions using this approach;
  4. Engage in group sand tray and identify how to create a group sand tray experience;
  5. Identify how sand tray can be incorporated into individual, group, and family therapy.